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Mariane Watkins ~ October 2015

When you’ve been “Robbed”…You know it. And you like it!

As a four plus year alum to Fitness by Design I knew I loved the challenges, the camaraderie and the “you never know what Rob has up his sleeve” workouts.  I am 55 years old. I’ve been a workout person my whole life.  I have high expectations of myself and my trainer.  The facility set up, equipment, balance of conditioning workouts to strength training and passion for fitness make FBD THE place to get your body in shape and keep it that way.  Classes are fun.  They are hard and yet safe.  Rob Hudson, the owner and trainer is “all about proper form.”  It’s the next day, when you have that awesome sore..I have a bunch of new muscles feeling, that you know once again..you were “Robbed”.  You get results because he commands attention to detail and draws out the inner competitiveness in each of us.

Then we moved….   We’ve been gone a month and I still haven’t found anything, anywhere close to what Fitness by Design has to offer.  We’ve found boutique fitness facilities, biggest loser workout options in a group setting with little variation in exercises, and gyms that are huge with pool options and a juice bar, but don’t offer small group classes including strength and conditioning at convenient times.  FBD offers an overall plan incorporating functional strength, conditioning and motivating workouts.  My appreciation and respect for Lisa and Rob Hudson has skyrocketed.  They’ve been in business over 25 years.  FBD is a big gym with boutique options, consistent workouts doing all types of functional movements with many types of weights and weight lifting, to confuse your muscles but keep you in tip top shape.  My solution to this problem is for Lisa and Rob to open their next FBD in Summerlin, Nevada. We could call it Fitness by Design WEST of Indy.


There are many investments in life that we make and wonder if they are worth it in the end. I had been apprehensive stepping foot into a gym, much less weight training, having a herniated disc. People that know me KNOW that I am not one to step into neither a gym nor exercise. I realized, as many a people do, the body changes and a little harder to lose inches. Having found Fitness By Design through a simple online search, I’ve accepted and have embodied change. Fitness by Design is a unique place, a lavish training studio and a health and fitness classroom all in one. Amazing how through exercising specific muscle groups and proper body mechanics, one’s body is molded to a specific form…feeling and seeing results! Because of my personal trainer’s (Rob Hudson: Master of his Craft) incredible treasure trove of knowledge and experience, I’ve gained the confidence to walk into THIS fitness center and the determination to push my body to the limit; a total mind and body fitness for life! He sees the potential and has discovered the athlete in me that I never knew. Life is about choices; I CHOOSE Fitness By Design, a valuable and meaningful investment!

– Marco A. González, Speech-Language Therapist ~ December 2012


I was an athlete all my life, but as we all know you can easily get off track. In May, I decided it was time to turn things around. I had been working out with Kara at Fitness by Design for 7 years, but knew I needed to kick it up a level. I had to makeover my diet and increase my exercise routine to get myself back in shape. With Kara’s help though some major butt-kicking workouts twice a week at FBD, as well as daily encouragement on making sensible nutritional choices (by counting calories using the MyFitnessPal app); I was able to transform myself. In less than 6 months I lost 45 pounds and gained a lot of energy, plus a renewed excitement for exercise! And, with the continued support from Kara, I have found that it is easy to maintain and stay on track. It’s true what they tell you – diet and exercise is the key to a healthy lifestyle. And I’m glad to be back on track!

-Ami Sponseller ~ December 2012

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