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Fitness by Design will send information regarding your physical exercise program to your physician upon request.
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Exercise Related Questions:
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How often do you take part in physical exercise?
2) If your participation is lower than you would like it to be, what are the reasons?
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List Frequency/Week, Average Length of Time and Rank Easy/Moderate/Hard
List Frequency/Week, Average Length of Time and Rank Easy/Moderate/Hard
Goal Setting
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'SMART' Goals
In order to increase your chances of being successful at achieving your goals, a certain protocol should be followed. Please ensure all your goals are “SMART”. S= Specific (Provide details, how long, how much etc.) M= Measurable (How will you measure whether you’ve reached your goals) A= Attainable (Be realistic, set smaller goals) R= Rewards-based (Attach a reward to each goal) T= Time Frame (Set specific dates for goals)
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