Life Coaching with Steve Smith

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Do you remember your favorite jeans? I had a pair of corduroy jeans in high school that I wore all the time. So much so that I wore multiple holes in them and they had to be retired. Since then I have been on a quest to find something as good. Most purchases fell short,
too tight in the thigh, too loose in the waist -- even after they were tailored they just weren’t right, but I never gave up.

Two years ago I wandered into Banana Republic and tried again. At first I thought their jeans were way too tight, but then I started to move. I bent down and I could still breathe and they didn’t feel like they were going to split. They moved with me! Could these be...better than my favorites from my youth? I took a leap of faith and bought them. Then the true test --
how often I rifled through my clothes rack to find them.
That happened all the time. A totally different fit than my corduroys, but the same “Wow, I can move freely
and feel so good.”
Is there something in your life you know could fit better? Life coaching sets a time and a place for YOU to “shop” -- to try on YOUR ideas that may bring YOU
more purpose and meaning.

By Steve Smith
Life Coach / Personal Trainer