Where is your om?

Where is your om?


According to Merriam Webster, this is the definition of om:

noun  \ ˈōm \ :a mantra consisting of the sound \ˈōm\ and used in contemplation of ultimate reality


The Ultimate Reality?!  Wow.  That’s worth finding, wouldn’t you say?  My om eludes me.  Sometimes, I swear, it’s actually running away from me.  Yet at times, it jumps out of nowhere and surprises me.  Thankfully, it’s not frightening.  (Unlike when my little brother used the scare the pants off me when we were growing up – I still owe him paybacks for that, big time.)  But the funny thing?  My om has been right around the corner all along.  I know it’s there.  I could go get it any time I want to try.  But ah…. Life gets in the way.


This week, I found my om in nature.  When hiking on trails, my thoughts were on making sure I didn’t trip on roots, or looking at trees in a different way, or seeing rays of sunlight peek through the branches as if some divine being were watching me.  And when sitting near the water, looking out and seeing nothing that is man-made, listening to nature gently flow against the rocks or chirp overhead.  Thoughts ebbed and flowed through my mind, but mostly flowed.  Away.  And it was wonderful!  Nature has a way of reminding us that it existed way before any of the clutter in our lives.  That it’s the baseline from which we can all begin.

Judi Lake.JPG


Other times?  My om is found in my coffee.  Not the grab it as I walk out the door and “Oh crap, I just spilled some on my white pants” kinda cup of coffee.  It’s the slow pour in my favorite mug, with flavored creamer, and the comics & Sudoku, or with my dog on the back porch, or Josh Groban playing in the background, or maybe it’s just silence of the house before anyone else is stirring. 


I believe that om can be found in friends, family, and relationships too.  I have folks in my life like that and I am grateful.  I bet you feel the same.  And if you’re wondering, “umm… maybe not.”  Then ask yourself, do you allow yourself to be real and authentic with people?  That’s The You people want to know.  That’s the person they love.  Sometimes just being honest with people that love and support you about who/where you are is a way of finding some inner peace.


Are you into meditation?  Mindfulness?  There’s a growing trend of awareness of this practice that touts many physical, mental, and medical benefits.  I’m still learning… but I love the concept and will continue to work on being present/mindful/meditative…  Check out this 60 Minutes interview by Anderson Cooper with Jon Kabat-Zinn, the founder of the renowned UMass Stress Reduction Clinic.


And let’s also take a dose of reality here.  Immediately after the period of meditation, or the perfect cup of joe, or maybe during the nature walk, or while talking to a friend… the phone rings.  It’s your parents.  Or your kids.  Or work.  And a crisis has developed and the om is gone – like a puff of smoke.  But maybe a little has lingered to allow you to see through the chaos?  Or you can know that your om can be only a breath away again?


That’s the idea anyway.  And I’m on board with embracing it.  It’s part of improving my overall well-being and supporting the positive energy, love, and wellness of those around me.  And that includes you. 

So where is your om?  Invite it into your days and come join me as we walk through life.


Real. Positive. Change.