Why I eat.

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Why do you eat?

Yeah, yeah – we need food to survive.  But you know you’re not in Survival Mode when you grab those crackers, chips, nuts, or cookies.  Unless you’re fasting in preparation for a colonscopy.  Then, you may not only be in Survival Mode, but Fight or Flight Mode kicks in as well.  ;) 

So what do you like about eating?  It’s comforting.  It’s fun.  It tastes good.  It is satisfying an urge that can’t be satisfied otherwise.  It relieves stress.  You’re bored.  You are having a glass of wine and that cheese… it pairs so well…  Yikes.  You just ate 2700 calories. 

Ok, ok.  No shame…  let’s just be real.  We get hungry.  So eat, people.  But figure out why you’re doing it.  Yep.  Hold yourself accountable.  We’ve talked about food tracking software.  Or, maybe first, ADMIT that you’re doing it.  And figure out why.  Here’s some things you may be able to relate to (I know I can)

1.       To Cope with emotion.

2.       Because you’re bored.

3.       Because other people are eating.

4.       Just because it’s there – or it smells good - you simply saw a picture of delicious looking food.

5.       Because it’s a special occasion.

6.       Because you’re tired.

7.       Because it’s free or inexpensive.

8.       Because there are Food Pushers and you simply cannot resist.

9.       Because you grew up thinking you have to have a clean plate.

10.   Because…. Hello…??!!  It tastes good!

11.   Do you have other reasons?  It’s ok.  We’re all human.  Chances are, we can relate. 

But all of those reasons?  Have nothing to do with hunger.  When was the last time you felt your stomach growl?  Ummm… I don’t think I even wait to hear my stomach growl, quite frankly.  When researching for this blog, I found 3 varieties of hunger described:

·         Mechanical Hunger – this is the growling, churning, tightness we have (but probably not lately) experienced – and can go away with time.

·         Aesthetic Hunger – the longing for food, in the form of aesthetic appeal, taste, physical feeling, emotional satisfaction. 

·         Chemical Hunger – the feeling of “something is missing,” such as when you know you need to eat more vegetables, or get more protein, or after being ill and your body is craving nutrition.  This is sometimes demonstrated in low blood sugar, shaky, weak feeling,

Right now?  I’m munching some crunchy grapes.  Nice aesthetics – low calorie, with sensory appeal.  But I’m also having some banana bread.  Lots of it, actually – that add up to far more than I should be eating.  Oops.  Back to the gym tomorrow.  I’m already in the red.  :/ 

Keep moving!  And be honest with yourself.  We will encourage you along the way.  Because, quite frankly, we can relate. 


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