Charts and workout logs


It’s that time again. I get so excited about it every January…a new workout log!  There is just something that makes me happy about anticipating filling up a new book with new workouts, weight, reps, and sets in the New Year.  Whoop!

I used to record my workouts on charts, like the old one on the left.  That system worked a long time for me, but I wanted a new way that would allow for navigating past workouts easier. Since 2011, I’ve used composition notebooks. I decorate my notebooks with snazzy quotes that are funny or inspiring to me. I try not to take this stuff too seriously.

My point in this short blog is to say…find a fun but accurate way to record your workouts this year.  Especially if you are just learning and starting on your strength training journey, because you will be amazed at the gains you make in that first month, quarter, and year. 

Here are some pics for your amusement. Now go lift something heavy and if you need some help learning how to do that safely, then my team and I can’t wait to help!

Lift Heavy and live strong,


Lisa 1992.jpg