What inspires you?

We all need a little help finding our mojo.  Some days it’s there, some days it’s not.  That’s especially true with exercise.  What gets you going?  What motivates you?  What gets you fired up to do your best during your workout? 

Last week, I came to workout with Rob and didn’t bring all my mojo.  He called me out on it.  And unfortunately, he was right.  (I hate it when that happens.)  It’s up to me to bring my best game to my workout.  And if I let negativity eek into my head, it can spill into my performance, to my day, and worse yet - to others.  We only set aside a certain amount of time to exercise our bodies.  Let’s bring our best selves.

So what motivates you to do your best work?  Music?  Keeping your goals in mind?  Trying new things?  Having positive company as you push yourself?  I love seeing others do their best work.  That is something that motivates me.  I have several clients that show up and are engaged from the very beginning of their 30-minute session.  They keep me on my toes and I love it!  Check out this client that decided to push his limits and jump 39 inches off the ground. Whaaaat?  Yes.  39 inches. 

It’s not just reaching crazy heights (literally) that means you’re creating and sharing positive energy.  It’s being present.  Fully present and ready to be your best self.  This can be seen on folks who strap metal plates around their waist and do dips or pull ups.  Or there’s the clients that are in their 70s and 80s being their best advocates, moving and lifting well beyond the abilities of their peers!  (I want to be THEM when I grow up!)  Or what about those of you that show up during your lunch hour to squeeze in a good sweat?  Or at the end of your day before having your evening at home?   I love seeing clients lift weights or do a movement they never thought possible.  And I’m crazy about those of you who keep coming, day in and day out, because THAT’s your mojo. 

YOU.  You all are my inspiration.  And all of us here at FBD are all so glad to be working with you.  Keep us posted on what helps you bring your best game.  Though it may be out of reach for most of us to jump up to a box that’s 39-inch high, our bodies have more potential than we realize.  Make sure you’re doing your best to find it and experience here with us.  That’s why we’re here! 

Real.  Positive.  Change.  - Judi