Everyone likes a Gold Star

Hey gang – thanks for the stars!   We recently requested that you consider giving FBD a Google review and the response we received was overwhelming and humbling.  Thank you so very much for putting in a good word for your favorite place to sweat! 

Go to google and search Fitness By Design Indianapolis and see our 5 star ratings!  Wow.  22 reviews and all of them are 5 STARS.  I don’t mean to brag, but…. well, ok… maybe I do.  THAT’S FREAKIN’ AWESOME!   You all are the best clients EVER.  Thank you for helping us be the best we can be!

Marketing has evolved over the years.  Big time.  More and more there’s a technology component, so essentially, you just helped us beef up our marketing without spending a dime.  So that we can not only provide you with opportunities to exercise your bodies, here’s some info to exercise your minds. 

·         Flyers, mailers, clipped coupons, personalized letters – all are either going by the wayside or being pitched as soon as you get your mail.  That’s old school marketing.  There’s still a place and time for it all – and it still serves a benefit, but “kids these days,” AND you with your smart phones, are making technology a tool for marketing too. 

·         For starters, Google is a business name that has become a VERB - marketing at its best.

·         Since we have more online reviews on Google, when someone googles (see the pattern here?) “Indianapolis gyms,” for example, our name gets higher on the results list.  This improves our SEO.

·         SEO is not the initials of an old girlfriend.  This stands for Search Engine Optimization.   Key words, tags, reviews, links, blogs, posts, likes, yadda yadda yadda, all improve our marketing position in the world wide web. 

·         “Actions speak louder than words.”  No matter what WE say, it’s what YOU take the time out to write in those comments that give us more credibility and professional status.  Incredibly, Google reports that 72% of consumers say positive review online makes them trust a local business more than they otherwise would have.  Aww man – look what you just did for us!  Thank you. <3

Need more brain exercise?  Check out this link to learn more

So now it’s our turn to help YOU earn some stars…. Stay tuned for more information about the upcoming Rowing Challenge where you can get your name up on the wall and earn stars for every step towards whatever you decide is your goal.  This event is back by popular demand – providing accountability, challenges, community, encouragement, fun, and of course, stars to note your progress. 


Come join the fun!  After all, we think you’re ROCKSTARS.   Oh good grief, did I just type that?  Someone sound the GONG…

Real.  Positive.  Change.  - Judi