FBD Rowing Challenge is here!!

It’s that time of year again for the FBD Rowing Challenge!  Take your fitness to a new level of performance and commitment by joining in the fun.  Mark your calendars now for the event – November 19-December 21.  Choose your goal.  Hold yourself accountable!

And mark your calendars for the kickoff party – Monday night, November 19th.  More details to follow. 

Come on, everybody’s doin’ it!  We’re not into promoting peer pressure, but when it comes to building new, strong, healthy habits, we ruthlessly promote until you get on board.  Because, well, that’s actually what you WANT us to do, isn’t it?  ;)

It’s a game you play where no one loses.  It’s your goal.  Your workout.  Your motivation.  Your reason to succeed.  This year, we are asking all who participate to dedicate their commitment to participate to ONE THING.  Put a name on it.  Dedicate your plans to move and slide on your favorite rower to someone you love.  Or someone who inspires you.  Or do it for a reason.  Name it.  Maybe it’s to help you move through a personal challenge.  To encourage a change of some sort.  To indicate a beginning to move a little more every single day.  To be able to eat a few more iced sugar cookies in December.  Hey, we don’t judge. 

Once you choose your WHY (and post in on the board near the stairs) then you need to decide your WHAT and HOW.  25, 50, 75, or 100 thousand meters?  200 m can be rowed in a minute.  Assume you row 2x/week.

·         25,000meters is 5,000m per week. 25 minutes of rowing per week.  12.5 mins of rowing per visit.

·         50,000m is 10,000m/week.  50 mins/week.  25 mins/visit.

·         75,000m is 15,000m/week.  75 min/week.  37.5min/visit.  (this could be a 20 minute warm up and 17 min cool down)

·         100,000m is 20,000m/week.  100 minutes/week. (less than 2 hours)  Let’s assume you come 3x/week for this goal.  Which is 33 mins/visit. 

Think again about your WHY.  Then choose your WHAT and HOW.  And go sign up on the board to hold yourself accountable.  Tshirts will be available FOR $20 for those who participate! 

We are a community.  It is clear.  Look at the comradery and ribbing that goes on among some of you, or between you and your trainer.  We all share a common thread to be strong and agile individuals.  It doesn’t matter how much you lift, or row, or come to the gym.  It’s about doing the best that you can for yourself so that you can do the best you can for others.  So give some thought to your reason.  Be ready to commit your movement to that person, thing, or idea.  And embrace the support and encouragement that comes from the peers and staff at FBD.  We are all rooting for success in each and every one of us. Go team!

Real.  Positive.  Change.  - Judi