Tis the season for GIVEAWAYS!

Did you know FBD supports fundraisers and auctions for not for profits?  What better way to share the love of fitness with others than to DONATE IT!? 

No doubt, each of you have been to or know a family member who is going to a Silent Auction for an organization.  This time of year, they are disguised as a fancy night out, or a dinner at a hotel, or an invitation to sit at a table with some friends.  Sometimes, it’s just an email that allows you to simply electronically send some tried and trusted CASH.  Yeah, you know how it works.  They’re always a nice event, but they’re always a fundraiser.  And hey!  That’s ok!

People that participate in these events know the importance of raising funds for a good cause.  And so do we.  Maybe it’s for a family member’s school, or a local philanthropy, or a religious organization.  There’s so many great organizations out there that need support.  And we want to help.

Think of your calendar.  Do you have an upcoming fundraising event?  You can help make their raised funds even greater by creating an opportunity for FBD to donate to their cause, in addition to your presence and/or financial contribution.   We would like to create a package for your not for profit that would include personal training sessions at our location.  You know the value of this – not only the monetary value, but in strength, self-confidence, and personal relationships that develop here at FBD.

Share your support of your philanthropy favorites and the love of fitness.  Let us know who we can contact to create a valuable package for your auction.  Click on the button below.  You provide the organization and contact person, then sit back and know you’ve done yet another great thing to support their cause, and we take care of the rest! 

Wow! What a great team we are!

Real.  Positive.  Change.  - Judi