Joey Leveille - Personal Trainer


You’ve seen him.  You know him.  You like him!  And you wonder, “Wait, WHAT?” when you see Joey hanging upside down, scaling a vertical red beam, or walking up the railing of the stairwell (yes, the railing.)  Joey is uniquely self-aware, in tune with what kind of movement, stretches, or strength is required for optimal functional movement. 

Psst!  Joey is the trainer with the ponytail!  But he’s also the one with the perpetual smile, regular optimism, and undisrupted focus on his clients.  When he’s working with you, he’s fully present.  What a wonderful gift!  Like all trainers, Joey has his favorite healthy snack: peanut butter & honey, and if it were healthy, he’d put macaroni & cheese on that short list too.  He’s a carnivore by default and can often be seen devouring some salmon before physical play – which if it were up to him, would include climbing trees every single day.  It seems fitting then, that Joey’s bucket list includes seeing the sequoia trees in California.

Joey wants to help you find your maximum health potential.  To him, “healthiness means you can adapt yourself to the physical and mental needs of almost any situation.  It means you are strong, flexible, and durable in many body positions and mindsets.”  Wellness is about taking care of your whole self.  “A person who is good at self-care.… knows how to push themselves when they need it and when to listen to their body.” 

It’s fun to be around Joey – to learn from him and watch him play.  Some of the amazing stunts that Joey can perform includes a human flag, feathered peacock pose, and he can fold himself into a box the size of a large mailbox (ok – I just made that last one up to see if you’re still paying attention).  His stretching and movement classes have a loyal following and need to be shared with folks beyond the FBD client base – so spread the word.

Climb to new heights with Joey!