Jen Floyd - Personal Trainer - Rowing Coach


Jen Floyd comes to us straight from Olympic waters of Beijing where she was on the US Rowing National Team, participating in the 2008 Olympics.  AND she is a 3-time world cup medalist for rowing. Yeah, she’s super cool like that.  Meanwhile, the rest of us hope to have a full red solo cup and occasionally rent a kayak at Eagle Creek.  In addition to also being a coach at the Indianapolis Rowing Center, Jen is a proud wife and mama of a very active young boy named Silas.  When she’s not chasing Silas, you could easily find her playing in the dirt, planting flowers, and trying to grow her own vegetables.  

Jen’s favorite exercise is “strongman stuff –  like throwing, lifting, pulling, pushing random objects.”  So don’t get in between her and her Cheetos or wine – which are some favorites she’d enjoy more if they were healthy.  Jen’s passion for health, movement, strength, and commitment may be tied to her watching Karate Kid almost every day as a kid.  “Either you karate do ‘yes’ or karate do ‘no’.  You karate ‘guess so’, get squished like grape.”  Now, you can catch her binge-watching Friends, Seinfeld, and Big Bang Theory. 

Jen’s bucket list includes traveling to Ireland and Scotland, as well as competing in a Lumberjill competition.  How cool is that?  We’ll come cheer for you!  Aaaand she wants to be a backup dancer for Beyonce.  “Patience, young grasshopper.”  Your time will come.

In the meantime, she’s lives her life trying to be her healthiest self, feeling good, strong, and flexible.  Self-care for Jen means managing stress, seeking happiness, and feeling complete.  Jen said she became a trainer because “I enjoy working out and being fit and want to help other people enjoy it as well and show them it can be fun.  If I weren’t a personal trainer, I would want to work in a zoo.”  (But only if that back up dancer gig doesn’t work out)

Commit to yourself and learn from the best.  Get your Wax on - Wax off with Jen!