Lisa Hudson-Personal Trainer, Owner, Rock Star


She gracefully enters the facility and makes FBD run so smoothly, it’s like she’s got pixie dust.  Lisa runs our favorite place to work out and supports our wellness with such ease and finesse, it can only come from natural skill, poise, professionalism, and great industry experience.  She’s a great leader, a creative marketer, a supportive and encouraging boss, and a kick ass exerciser too.  Seriously.  Have you seen this gal do chin-ups? She’s got weights on her ankles and actually pulls herself up and doesn’t just HANG there.  I mean, who DOES that?  Voluntarily?  All this during the day, and then goes home at night and keeps Rob in line there too.  (Wait, did I just type that?  Don’t tell Rob.)

Lisa’s pace is maintained by a wonderful attitude and her favorite healthy snack of nuts.  If the Trader Joe’s peanut butter pretzels were healthy, we’d also see her munching on those.  Eating salads with a protein is her meal of choice these days, so we’ll go ahead and call her a “carni-tarian.”  Yeah, I just made that up ‘cuz when you write the blogs, you get that kind of latitude.  In her down time, you may catch her binge-watching Sherlock or Crown, or finishing her current read, Harder to Kill Radio by Steph Gadreau.  Lisa undersells herself by saying that her hidden talent is “painting walls… I’m not very talented.” 

We all know that Lisa has talents she shares with us every day.  She is a living example of how to achieve ultimate health by attaining “independent living for a lifetime… adding life to my years.”  In the meantime, by everything she does, she adds life to all of OUR years too.  She’ll keep coming back for more – and for us – every day.  And she wants to make sure that all of our clients know that she’s “humbled by the wonderful people that walk into this place very day.”

Yeah, that means YOU.  She thinks you’re awesome.  Come feel the love when you are at FBD.