Drew Conley - Personal Trainer


Meet the brother you never knew you had.  The one who can help you, challenge you, humor you, make you a stronger person, and relentlessly give you grief.  He’s the trainer that looks like he’s playing charades.  Often balancing several clients at once, he communicates best with them in sign language.  Since they’re the only ones who seem to know what he’s saying, we decided to ask several clients for insight on him and they were happy to oblige. 

One thing that’s surprising about Drew?  His modesty.  When asked for info about himself, he sparingly provided info.  His favorite healthy snack is an apple.  His indulgence?  Pistachio ice cream in a waffle cone.  He’s a carnivore at heart and loves to burn off calories by spinning.  His favorite book is Into Thin Air and his favorite binge watch is The Office and Parks & Recreation.  Not surprising then, that he relates most to Andy Dwyer and Ron Swanson in that show.

Now, let’s get to the good stuff – what his clients say about him!  “He is a kid in the shape of a grownup!”  Drew is “an equal opportunity offender.  He jokes with everyone and pushes his clients limits not only physically, but personally.”  Drew’s engagement with his clients (or “victims”) is such that “in a perverted sense, he almost makes exercise fun.”  And don’t tell anyone, but… “even though he acts all tough, he genuinely cares.” 

Typical Drew comments include:

·   “Was that 20? Give me 3 more.”

·   “Is this about you or me?” 

·   “Gimme 50 reps.”

·   “Just 5 more!” 

·    “Why are you stopping?” 

·   “Stop talking!”

·   He particularly enjoys rhetorical questions such as: “Can you get lower?  Can you lift more weight?  Can you do one more rep?  Are you done yet?”

Maybe now it’s understandable why Drew’s clients talk in sign language to him… (ahem!) behind his back….

Overall, Drew is “excellent at what he does and takes care to look out for the interests and well-being of his clients.”  This comes as no surprise because Drew defines being healthy as a lifestyle that contains eating healthy, working out, and having fun.    

Come have fun with Drew.  He’s a legend around here at FBD!