Just in time for back to college - Self Defense

self defense 1.jpg

Self Defense Class....MONDAY, AUGUST 6th.....7 - 8:30pm.

The instructor is Teddie Linder with Tiger Lily Eastern Arts.  The focus of the class is Strategies and Boundaries. We will learn about our own boundaries, how to teach other people to respect them and key skills for safety on campus and social situations. This class is appropriate for women and men 13 and up.

Participants should wear comfortable clothing (workout clothes), and please do not wear jewelry on the wrists or neck.

There will not be a fee for the class, but we will welcome any donations that will go to the Polaris Project, a US based non-profit dedicated to disrupting the systems that create and support human trafficking and helping heal the trauma that results from it. Learn more at https://polarisproject.org

Teddie will also present products for sale from Damsel In Defense, in the last 15 minutes of the program.

Got questions?  Email Teddie or Lisa