The FBD Morning Show: Andrea talks about training, trainers, and nutrition at FBD.

Head upstairs at the gym and find our “studio” (aka a wall banner, fancy chair, a tripod, and wireless microphone system) where we had a morning taping of our special guest, Andrea Hermer.  Andrea has been a client of FBD for 7 years and has reached another milestone in her health and wellness.  Yay Andrea!

Now’s your chance to meet Andrea.  Check out a snippet of her video.  Andrea has worked with several trainers through the years – and she keeps coming back for more.  There’s so much to enjoy about a personal training relationship at FBD, with each trainer, comes a unique style.  Staff likes to work together to share ideas and build new ones, and our clients enjoy the variety too.  From physical movements, to exercise formats, motivational techniques, and even wellness services.  Andrea feels she has benefitted from all of these things. 

Another bonus is that Andrea has already achieved one of her personal goals this year.  Do you even remember one of your New Year resolutions?  um…not me :/  Weight loss, which is often an aspiration of each of us, has become a reality for her.  Andrea has lost 40 pounds since the start of the year!  She is trying to maintain this new habit of healthy eating and active living so that she can make her new habits routine.  As we all know, that’s not easy – or we wouldn’t keep having the same goals each year.  You know that happens, don’t you?  Having the same (unachieved) goals each year…  Yeah, I don’t like to admit it either.

Andrea is currently working with Jen for personal training and Kara for improved nutritional knowledge.  Andrea’s goal is to make a permanent change in her lifestyle.  “Good fitness” for Andrea involves Kara’s nutritional services.  Andrea loves her exercise sessions and can now identify food to purchase and enjoy, without feeling deprived – all while keeping meal prep simple. 

Andrea is active outside of FBD too.  Spin, rowing, and keeping up with her family all contribute to her healthy lifestyle.  One common theme?  Positive reinforcement from her peers.  Whether you’re trying to lose weight, exercise more, or do ANY thing more or less often, surrounding yourself with positive people that encourage you is a good thing. 

Your FBD team are always here to cheer you on all the way.  It is our pleasure – truly!  You might know someone else who needs a little positive energy or encouragement, so please spread the word.  At FBD, people of all ages, abilities, shapes, and sizes can benefit from the opportunities for wellness, success, and positive relationships.  It’s all good.  As are you.

We’re grateful for your positive energy, dedication, and support of fellow clients.  And we’re so glad you’re on our team!  

Real.  Positive.  Change.  - Judi