Part 3 with Andrea: Addicted to Carbs


We are are not so different.

We all age, despite our best efforts otherwise.  Our body weight and shape shifts.  (heavy sigh)    We all want to be strong.  We want to balance life and wellness.  We want to be fit, but still enjoy life.  Yikes – sounds tough!  And, truth be told, it is.  Commitment is required to see results like our FBD client, Andrea Hermer, has seen in her 40 pound weight loss.

How can we manage ourselves to achieve these goals?  I’ve heard said before that “you can’t outrun your fork,” which means that you can exercise all you want, but you are still sabotaging yourself if you don’t put energy into improving the way you eat. 

Andrea changed her life by working out and eating healthier, and found that “working out is easier!”  She created a supportive network within her family, friends, peers, and even her personal physican.  FBD staff member, Kara Paris, is helping her choose her carbs and food wisely, so that she can find the right balance for her life.  Check out Andrea's account in this video clip HERE.  She jokes about being “addicted to carbs,” but it’s no laughing matter.  Our bodies have a dependency on sugar that unless managed, can get out of hand.  In a recent google search, several sites came up with interesting information about the role of carbs in our diets, such as this information from ACE Fitness

·         Carbohydrates are a key source of energy. As the body ingests these macronutrients from food, it sets in motion a complex process of carbohydrate breakdown, insulin release and sugar absorption. Clearly, carbohydrates play an important role in our diets. 

·         Carbohydrates are a source of energy, broken down by the body and then used or stored as glycogen, which is a quick source of energy to power your muscles through their next lifting session or high-intensity interval training workout. Unfortunately, the body’s ability to store glycogen is limited. Once the glycogen reserves are full, where does the excess glucose go? That extra energy broken down from excess carbohydrates is stored as fat instead of glycogen. Not all carbs lead to fat, just the excess ones. 

It's hard to get your head wrapped around it all.  But thankfully, FBD has resources that can support you and help you create new habits.  Kara Paris is our resident Nutrition Coach, and Steve Smith manages the FBDtox, both living and breathing examples of healthy food consumers.  Let them assist you in making the change you want for the life you are building, 

Real.  Positive.  Change.  - Judi