Namaste at FBD

We’re adding new classes!  YOGA is coming to FBD on Wednesdays, starting February 27th.   Supplement your fitness routine with this discipline at either 830am or 6pm.  Our personal trainer, Joey Leveille, completed a yoga (RYT-200) certification in Feb 2019 at CITYOGA in Indianapolis.   Prior to that, Joey has demonstrated his natural skills in mastering body control and movement, including in 2012 while he was studying Exercise Science at IU.  Come join one of his classes! 

Yoga is a philosophy as well as a physical practice and who better to lead us through this than “Master Joey”?  We all look at him with envy at his mobility, balance, and body self-awareness.  He innately knows how to move and control his body in a way that allows him to do things that make the rest of us stare in wonder and awe. 

Yoga disciplines and postures are about tuning into your body and it can have numerous health benefits: improved control and awareness of breath; increased strength, stability, and strength; as well as reduced anxiety, pain, and discomfort.  It’s a totally different feel from a cardio workout.  And it’s wonderful to find your body relaxing, stretching, releasing stress, and learning new movements as it gets stronger.  FBD promotes overall wellness and we believe in implementing all facets of movement and fitness to your regimen.  We are thrilled to add this to our services available to our clients. 

Joey's style has a strong alignment focus with a lighthearted atmosphere.  He loves to include a few skills alongside slow flows and conscious breathe work.  Everyone is welcome in his class.  Come and build your practice on the joy of movement. 

Real.  Positive.  Change.


Watch Joey show off :/