Hibernation. Can you relate?

You see it in lots of places as these cold days, snow predictions, and gray skies persist.  People with their heads down, grabbing their coats as they shuffle to the car.  Conversations about weather predictions and plans of trips out of town to a warmer place.  More and more people are becoming discouraged about the cold weather, while eternal optimists are responding with “Well, at least we can see the sun today!”  Seriously? Did you just say that? Folks in Indiana are familiar with this bologna because we know winter here means PERSEVERENCE.  Put one foot in front of the other as we wait for the crocus to peek through the ground and the daffodils to bloom, albeit often prematurely.  But spring is coming – I promise!

So what can we do as we wait?  

First and foremost: RECOGNIZE THAT THIS IS REAL.  It’s normal to want to hibernate.  Look at the definition –  it’s almost laughable.  This push through winter affects some people more than others, resulting in Seasonal Affective Disorder

/ˌhībərˈnāSH(ə)n/ noun

1. the condition or period of an animal or plant spending the winter in a dormant state. "grizzly bears gorge on seeds to prepare for hibernation"

2. an extended period of remaining inactive or indoors. "the fair-weather cyclists are emerging from winter hibernation"

Secondly: DO WHAT IT TAKES TO TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF.  And do it with intention.  Sure, it’s a piece of cake to indulge in carbs for comfort or alcohol as a numbing tool.  (Cake!  Did someone say cake?!)   But those are only fueling the fire.  It’s normal to have low energy and even gain weight when we’re working through this – so why choose behavior that makes it harder to get out of that hole?  Ummm, because we’re human?

We need to consider instead an incorporation of yoga for relaxation, meditation, spiritual reflection, or….  Wait for it….. EXERCISE.  Outside magazine has a great article about how lifting weights can help lift your spirits and fend off and reduce the effects of depression or depressive feelings.  Seems like FBD is in the right business, eh?

Secondly – Part 2:  DRIVE IT HOME, BABY.  Surround yourself with people and environments that help you be your best self.   You know, like, maybe, at Fitness By Design.  Just sayin’.  All you have to do is get yourself here.  Truly – sometimes that’s the hardest part.  And even if you’re not 100%, you’re more than 0%.  You’ve invested in yourself, done something you wouldn’t have otherwise done, and probably had a good time and shared a laugh or smile too with others who are here doing the exact. same. thing. 

Come see us.  We need to get over the Winter Hump too and you are part of that solution for us!  Boy, what a team we are. 

Real.  Positive.  Change.