Hey Peeps

Remember the chalkboard this week?  It boldly states 1% > 100%. Wait, what? 

If you want to make a change that sticks, focus on making a 1% change, rather than a 100% change.  And build from there.  1% better every day.  And if you fall off the wagon, you’re only one healthy snack away from being back on track.  Set yourself up to succeed, right?  We all like that. 

And it’s perfect timing too because no matter your religious affiliation, this time of year the grocery aisles are crowded with peeps.  Your peeps, my peeps, and those blasted candy peeps.  Seriously.  Who thought of that snack?  It’s everywhere.  Click here to learn all that you want (and even more that you don’t) about this yellow sugar capsule.   

Speaking of sugar, one of the most important changes you can make when it comes to how you feel and move – and even how you look – is to cut back one key ingredient from your diet...  One that has virtually NO NUTRITIONAL VALUE and yet is almost everywhere you look.  Added sugar – the “extra” sugar that is added to your foods.  It is NOT the naturally occurring sugar like the kind found in fruits, veggies and other foods that contain fiber and loads of micronutrients your body needs!

There’s that number again – ONE.  One percent.  One change.  One ingredient.  Maybe we’re on to something here….

Did you know the national recommended maximum for added sugar is 10% of your total calories?  If you eat 2,000 calories a day, that’s 200 calories – or 50 grams of sugar. For reference, one small caramel iced coffee from your local cafe down the street has 25 grams of sugar.  Yikes. 

One thing to try over the next week is to wean yourself off that added sugar.  It contains zero essential nutrients, has a lot of calories, it raises havoc with your blood sugar, increases inflammation, and can lead to cravings.  And if that’s not bad enough, over time it can set up a chain reaction with your body’s hormones that leads to storing belly fat and chronic health issues.  Oh, ok.  Maybe it doesn’t taste so good now after all.  But what am I going to do with my sweet tooth? 

Try these alternatives:

  • Reach for fruit instead of cookies, cakes and other sweet treats.

  • Frozen fruit instead of ice cream.

  • Infuse your water with berries and/or cucumber or unsweetened flavored seltzer water.

  • Brew herbal tea infused with fruit. Drink it warm OR cold.

  • Brush your teeth right after you eat. 

One last thing… be sure you stay hydrated to help with cravings.

Bonus benefit: after just a few days eating less sugar, take a look in the mirror. Chances are you’ll notice a positive change in your skin, because sugar contributes to wrinkles, uneven skin tone and other issues.

Let us know what changes you see and feel in yourself after making this one change.  We’re here to help!  And we’re right there with you.  Now – about that Costco size bag of chocolate chips in my cabinet…. Ummm, yeah.  About that…

 -       Personal.  Training.  FBDindy.