New equipment means new ways to play!

You may have noticed the new hardware that’s around the gym.  It’s big.  It’s red.  It’s gray.  It’s loaded with weight.  Don’t be alarmed.  Every new piece is also great fun. 

Rob has evaluated what he thinks needs a little updating to add variety and precision to your workouts.  He’s made some purchases and it’s time to play!  Check them out. 

A)    It’s a bird!  It’s a plane!  It’s a Squat Pro!  If you’re having trouble keeping your chest up and balancing weight on your back or holding a kettle bell at your chest, give this contraption a go.  It reminds you where to keep your hips and helps you dial in your form.

B)    Now, this one actually looks like a bird.  A crane, perhaps.  But it’s a calf raise machine. For those tiny little muscles, this big kahuna will make every extension up to your toes feel powerful.  You won’t know how far you can stretch or how much weight your calves can lift until you try this baby.

C)    This beast of a machine is the latest and largest leg press we’ve got.  And it has so many versions of use, you’ll come to have a love/hate relationship with it.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that....  Work both legs, work one leg at a time, hold yourself accountable to not locking your knees, and feel like Superman or Wonder Woman.  You’ve got what it takes to show this hunk of metal who’s boss.

D)    This little number we stole from NASA.  It was a Mars Rover reject and turns out it’s perfect for weighted single leg lunges, or floor presses.  Space suits not included.

Our commitment is to YOU – bringing to you new ways to keep your workout fresh, precise, and worthwhile with every visit.  Give these puppies a go.  You’ll be glad for the variety and your muscles will thank you too! 

Real.  Positive.  Change.  -Judi