Find your inner Spiderman

You’ve seen the various Peter Parkers that we have at the gym.  The ones that can leap up on a box like it’s nothin’.  Some people are just better jumpers than others, this is true.  But turns out that if you want to improve your abilities over where they are today, not only can you do it, it’s good for you. 

Plyometrics is a kind of movement that you see several folks do at FBD, though maybe you didn’t know the word.   Plyometric exercises are movements that involve repeated rapid stretching and contracting of muscles to increase muscle power.  These movements are said to increase power, reactive & jumping abilities, and decrease injuries. 

When people start stacking boxes higher than 18 inches at the gym, it’s pretty cool to watch.  Not only can you look strong and coordinated when you are doing it, there are other benefits to box jumps as well. 

  • Joint impact – Vertical jumping has a relatively lower impact than other jumping exercises.  And a healthy amount of joint impact helps improve bone-mineral content in women. 

  • Improve your explosiveness – this movement is a good alternative to the slow and controlled movement of weight training.  The whole reason we exercise is to remain strong for all movements required of our bodies.  This can include sprinting or even improving your reflexes when you trip. 

  • Challenge your hip extension– when you stand at the top after pulling your knees up to jump, this helps counteract our all too common seated position.  Opening up our hips and maybe sneaking in a little rest or chest pounding at the top too. 

  • Cardio conditioning – Just like other cardio movements, box jumps require more oxygen to be sent to the muscles in use.  Getting our hearts pumping hard (on purpose and for the right reasons) helps train our hearts to more efficiently pump blood throughout our bodies. 

But don’t just randomly start jumping on boxes – unless you’ve received some direction before.  Start small and go up.  Even as low as 6 inches to just get used to the movement.  As your trainer if it’s something that you could do more of during workouts.  And like most things at the gym – what is right for you may not be right for someone else.  There’s no judgement here.  Just support & encouragement.  

I’m sure, even Spiderman felt strange the first time he was airborne and look at what he can do now!  Check out some of our FBD athletes in these videos.  Nick, Brian, and Jim.  Rock solid.  Just like you.

Real.  Positive.  Change.  – Judi