healthy habits

What does wellness mean to you?

Go ahead.  Make your own definition.  What is wellness for YOU?  At this particular moment, this season of your life, this point in your family…  And yes, it can be different than it was 5 years ago, last year, and maybe even yesterday.  And most certainly, your definition may be different from mine. 

But – let’s start with the official definition.


The first thing I notice?  There’s not just one definition.  ;)


This confirms that your definition for your wellness is yours, alone. 

And – it’s up to you to achieve and maintain it. 

The National Wellness Institute explains why we each may have a different definition, identifying various dimensions of wellness: 

·         Physical

·         Social

·         Intellectual

·         Spiritual

·         Emotional

·         Occupational

Each of these can either contribute to or detract from our sense of happiness, fulfillment, purpose, personal value.  They interconnect.  They contribute to our healthy living and richness of life.  And we can have a direct influence each of them by directing energy to each of them.  Whatever your definition is, Fitness by Design is in it with you.  We want to support you, encourage you, provide tools for you, and be a regular part of your wellness regimen.

So, let’s start with a challenge.  Where do you want to improve your wellness? 

Give yourself time RIGHT NOW to think about it.  You probably already know the answer. 

Now, WRITE IT DOWN.   Research shows that if you write down your goals you are 10 times more likely to get results from that challenge.

Then PRACTICE IT DAILY for 21 days.  Keep this paper on your desk, your dresser, or in your car to remember your goal.  Behavior experts say that 21 days of repetition helps create new habits. 

And the next time you come to FBD, know that we're here to help make it happen!

Author:  Judi Hosfeld, Personal Trainer, Fitness by Design