Fitness By Design has nutritional counseling options to help you reach your goals whether you play sports, want a healthy lifestyle or are ready to get fit.

Bottom line, weight loss isn’t the only point of nutrition.
Most people talk about losing weight when what they are really trying to do is lose fat.

Personal Nutrition Counseling

The quick fitness-fix is actually a long-term lifestyle change that includes not just exercise but a proper diet. Fitness by Design offers personal nutrition counseling. Our counseling program provides a “nutrition action plan” designed to complement your existing fitness program.

One-on-one counseling provides you with a “nutrition-action plan.” This plan complements your current exercise program by increasing your metabolism through eating more balanced meals and making healthier food choices. We provide you with the accountability necessary to achieve your goals.

In a relatively short amount of time you will see the benefits:

  • Healthier Eating Patterns
  • Look Better
  • Feel Better
  • Weigh Less

The first consultation is 90 minutes and includes the initial assessment, Fitness by Design Food Journal and Calorie Guidebook. Cost for the initial consultation is $120.

A trainer can meet with you weekly to hold you accountable, provide guidance, and chart your progress.  The cost for a 1-on-1 private meeting is $140 for 4 sessions ($35/session).

The cost for2-on-1 Semi-Private meeting is $100 per person for 4 sessions ($25/session).

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