Meet the amazing staff at Fitness By Design.


Our team is made up of some great individuals to help you achieve your personal fitness goals.


Rob hudson, owner/personal trainer

I believe the body requires diverse movement to develop all of its physical capacities. The training programs that I advocate combine strength, balance, mobility, agility, coordination, speed, and power. This gives my clients the best result for an active lifestyle. No matter what your age or your goals you should be trained in a manner that develops broad physical capabilities.

  • Education: 30 years of personal training experience. I’ve gainedmy knowledge through diligent study and practice of diverse exercise protocols, studying under professionals in my field who are the best at what they do, and continuing my education through self-study, workshops and certifications annually.

  • Fitness-Related Interests: Mountain Biking, Snow Skiing, Water Skiing, Soccer

  • Personal Training: I teach what I practice


judi CHAPMAN, personal trainer

Education: I began my career in business obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from Miami University and an MBA from Xavier. A self-proclaimed lifetime Exercise Junkie, I have my Personal Training Certification from ACE and I’m continuing my exercise education with Rob Hudson.

Exercises/Training I love: 

HIIT training, spinning, boot-camps, and strength training.

How I can help you: I love to meet people where they are and help them develop the strength they need for the life they want- incorporating accountability, intensity, encouragement, and fun. We all have limited time to exercise, and my goal is to develop a routine that’s the most productive and rewarding for my clients. In my spare time you will find me hiking, biking, and doing outside activities. I can’t wait to help you reach your goals!


Lisa Hudson

I generally work behind the scenes here at FBD, however, I still keep my hand in personal training with a few select clients. I tend to teach what I love to do. I help more mature clientele, and women of all ages get comfortable around heavy weights. After 26 years of picking up dumbbells and what-not, I can't imagine my life without it. I'd love the opportunity to help you!

  • Education: Indiana University - B.S. Marketing

  • Certifications: Fitness by Design, CPR/AED First Aid

  • Personal Training: High Intensity Strength Training

  • Postnatal Fitness Specialist - JMG Academy

Adam Shadwick, Personal Trainer

I believe in helping clients achieve goals through effective communication, motivation and accountability. I want to show every client that exercise can be fun and interesting even if it causes some discomfort.

  • Education: Purdue University – B.S. Health and Kinesiology

  • Certifications: CPR/AED/ First Aid and Functional Aging Specialist

  • Personal Training: High Intensity Strength Training

  • Fitness Related Interests: Hiking, Canoeing, Backpacking, Biking, Snow-skiing, Golfing, 5K & 10K races

  • Achievements: Certification from the Functional Aging Institute and 5 Years experience as a Personal Trainer


Joey Leveille, Personal Trainer

My focus is on empowering people through physical movement. I teach my clients how to move better and become more mindfully connected to their bodies. My goal is to address your overall health and to make you an expert on your physical capabilities.

  • Education: Indiana University – Major in Exercise Science

  • Workshops: Ido Portal - Corset (2015), Ido Portal - Movement X (2016), Rafe Kelly - Evolve, Move, Play (2017)

  • Certifications: Personal Trainer Certification from ISSA and ACE, First Aid/CPR

  • Personal Training: Functional Training, Weightlifting, Parkour, Climbing, Yoga, and Gymnastics


Kara Paris, Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Program Manager

My job is to help you achieve your goals. It’s my job to make you step outside your “comfort zone” and help you be the best you can be!

  • Education: DePauw University – Bachelor of Arts in Communication

  • Certifications: F.I.R.S.T. Certification in Training, ISFTA Nutrition Counselor Training, First Aid/CPR/AED Certified

  • Personal Training: High Intensity Strength Training 2-3 times per week, Functional Training, Fitness Walking/aerobic training 3x/wk

  • Fitness-Related Interests: Walking, aerobics, strength training, nutrition

  • Achievements: I co-created the Fitness by Design Nutrition Program


Steve Smith, Personal Trainer, Life Coach

I work with people who are tired of asking themselves “What am I waiting for?”. We explore the options and take action.

  • Education: Michigan State University – B.S. Exercise Science, Institute for Life Coach Training – Foundational Course

  • Certifications: CPR/AED Certified

  • Personal Training: Functional Training, Aerobic Training – especially biking and indoor rowing

  • Fitness-Related Interests: Anything outdoors – especially road biking, adventure racing, mountain biking, cross country skiing, orienteering, indoor rowing, rock climbing, backcountry camping and yoga.

  • Achievements: Varsity Michigan State University Soccer 1984-1988, CAT 5 Road Racing experience, Completed 5 Adventure Races

  • Favorites: Pulling my full red wagon home from the Farmers Market, pick-up soccer games with the kids, laughing about nothing and everything while spending time with my wife, Monte Roberts – a real Horse Whisperer, Carpe Diem — “Dead Poets Society”, eating apples right off the tree, body surfing in the ocean, riding my brothers wheel, making kale smoothies for my nieces and nephews

Drew Conley, Certified Personal Trainer, Youth Fitness and acceleration Instructor

I am very motivated toward helping others achieve the fitness goals they set for themselves. I enjoy getting youth involved in fitness and motivating them to develop good fitness habits early.

  • Education: Anderson University, Indiana University – Major in Exercise Science, Minor in Sports Marketing

  • Certifications: Fitness by Design Personal Training Certification, First Aid/CPR/AED, CSCS Certification

  • Personal Training: High Intensity Strength Training, Numerous Sports Activities

  • Achievements: Collegiate Athlete, Assistant coach at the Collegiate Level and High School Level.


Josh Fielder, Personal Trainer

Fitness has been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember. I’ve participated in baseball, football, wrestling, boxing, mixed martial arts and body building. My enthusiasm for sports and fitness spills over when I’m working with clients.

  • Education: Indiana University-Purdue University – Sports Management program

Thaddeus Moran

I believe that every fitness goal can be achieved with the correct methodology, motivation, and support system. I have maintained a weight loss of 55 lbs.

  • Education: BA Wake Forest University - graduated Cum Laude

  • Certifications: NASM Certified Personal Trainer

  • Personal Training: Strength training. High Intensity training. Long cardio sessions.

  • Achievements: Head Defensive Line Manager at Wake Forest.

  • Other: I enjoy football, basketball and various outdoor activities. Ask me about hiking, kayaking and dogs.




2014 graduate from IU - Bloomington

Bachelor of Science - Kinesiology

Achievements: I have helped guide an individual to lose 100 lbs. I have coached an individual to a top 2 finish in a bodybuilding/bikini show. I have also helped many clients complete their first races: 5k’s, 10k’s, half & full marathons as well as warrior dashes. Personally, I was a part of a Big Ten Champion track team in 2012 and was the lead leg of an All-American and school record holding 4x1 for Indiana University. More recently, I was an 2018 All Star selection for the North Indy Warriors Semi Professional football team as a Cornerback.

  • Personal Training: I love high intensity training and lifting for performance. My ideal workout would be a dynamic warm-up followed by a variety of explosive movements targeting each major muscle group. The cherry on top would be a few bits of sprints to finish it off.

  • Other: I love sport specific training & performance as well as training to improve body composition.


TYLER Tischendorf, NASM CERTIFIED Personal Trainer

University of Southern Indiana
Bachelor of Science - Exercise Science

"My goal is to promote activities and coping methods that transform unhealthy habits and fuel healthy minds and bodies."