one-on-one personal training


One-on- one gives you the most personal service. 30, 45 or 60 minutes of personal attention from a Fitness by Design expert personal trainer. We begin with an in-depth Fitness Consultation, then conduct a thorough assessment of your current fitness level and develop your workout plan to meet your goals.

Clients that benefit the most from this type of training:
• Desire Individualized Accountability and Attention
• Have extremely busy and, at times, difficult work schedules
• Don’t have time to plan their own workouts
• Are working toward a specific race or physical challenge with limited time to prepare
• Have just finished physical therapy, but require additional instruction and supervision to get back to their previous physical capabilities


Two clients sharing one trainer gives you a great deal of individualized attention and accountability at less cost than one-on-one.


In order to personalize your exercise plan we strongly recommend individual Fitness Consultations and first workouts. After that, we team you up with your friend, spouse, co-worker, etc… to get the best workout at a great value. Participants typically have very similar schedules or flexibility in their schedules.

Close friends, spouses, other family members, and business partners work well in two-on-one personal training. A similar physical capability is not required.