Pelvic Health Physical Therapy

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Indy Women Physical Therapy is located inside Fitness by Design. Physical Therapist Camille Fenwick is committed to serving those patients with the unique conditions that are specific to both women’s health and pelvic floor issues. Two of the most under served populations in the health community today are new moms and those recovering from cancer treatments. Indy Women Physical Therapy is here to change that.

Contact Camille: 317-689-0073

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Restoration Station at FBD

  • For Sports Massage Therapy, contact Beth Weaver: 317-306-5008

  • For Manicures, Pedicures and/or Facials, contact Marina Tsinkin: 317-201-1514

Pamper yourself right on-site.  Fitness by Design offers the unexpected amenity of a 'spa' within their facility. 

TigerLily Martial Arts

TigerLily is dedicated to studying and teaching martial art forms. It is our belief that the martial arts enhance personal and physical improvement.

Sessions are taught by Teddie Linder.