A Letter From Your Body

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Hi again.  It’s me.  Your body.  Yeah, that vehicle you drive all over town with thousands of miles on it, with no trade in value.  Just tremendous value to the owner – which would be YOU.  I’m just checking in.  Are you doing the best you can in taking care of me?  Remember the 3 facets of care that you need?  We’ve covered this before, but sometimes you forget.  Body, mind, and soul.  Strengthen the body.  Exercise the mind.  Develop your soul.  The folks at FBD are here to help with the body parts… the rest you need to keep on your short list.

Let’s have a little talk about those body parts, shall we? 

LEGS:  Well, if I could walk a mile in your shoes… WAIT.  I do that already.  So why are you wearing those silly flip flops?  Take care of your feet and make sure your shoes support your sole, knees, and hips.  And those tough walks, runs, lunges, or steps?  Keep doing them.  Sure, aches and pains are there – but I’ve told you already, you’ve put thousands of miles on me – so it’s normal to not feel brand new!  And we’ve had a wild ride so let’s keep the fun going.  Find what I can tolerate and keep using those muscles.

ARMS:  Seems that people like curls.  Sheesh, I’ve talked to my other body friends and that seems to be the most popular movement for them too.  Picking up things, putting things down, hugging people, and feeding me.  Just watch what you’re picking up and feeding me, will ya?  Some of the lightest stuff (like cake, cookies, booze) makes the rest of me feel less than stellar.  Sure it’s tasty, but come on!  I’m the only body you’ve got, so make good choices.  Surround yourself with other strong bodies that can encourage good habits.  We all need a little help from our friends.

CORE:  Wow – there’s a lot of important stuff going on in the core.  Don’t forget it.  This section holds everything else together.  It holds me upright, makes me stand tall with confidence, and helps me navigate the world with ease and comfort.  It also houses the heart… and some would say even the soul… so take care of them too.  The 3 of us are pretty tight so we like to look out for each other.  And we like to be held tight by those muscles.  Keep up with the “creative” core work you do with your trainer.

My friend, I can see your potential.  You’re pretty awesome.  I know why I’m here for you and we’re not finished yet.  So let’s be a good team, ok?  You take care of me and I’ll take care of you.  Why do you think I walk you to FBD each week?  I’m no dummy.

Thanking you and keeping you on task,

Your Body