A chat with Kara


Here’s where you can learn a little more about Everyone’s Friend and Favorite Conversationalist, Kara Paris!  She’s the petite little number that likes to ride the sled while her clients push her from one end of the room to the other.  (She’s such a kind soul… such a GIVER…)  A multi tasker at heart, Kara can effectively train clients from the throne of the sled and not miss a beat as she entertains everyone with stories of her dancing at music concerts or one of her many costume parties. 

And it’s all rooted in good!  Kara became a trainer because she’s always had a passion for exercise, health, and helping others improve their quality of life.  It’s obvious that she also loves building relationships with others (and others love being in relationship with her!) She also loves learning how she can positively impact people’s lives.  (Um, Kara?  I have some laundry to do and some taxes to pay – you good with that?)

When she’s not with her clients, you might catch her popping into her mouth several grape tomatoes or cashews – but if chocolate were healthy, she’d be eating that instead.  (Busted!)  According to Kara, to be healthy means to “exercise regularly, eat clean, indulge in moderation, stretch, laugh every day, maintain a positive attitude, and never stop moving!”  This is demonstrated in her daily choices that we can all experience with her.  Even outside of work she practices what she preaches as she participates in marathons nationwide and moves towards her top bucket list item to travel the world.

During her down time, you may find her watching Love Actually, reading The Kite Runner, or practicing her MC Hammer dance moves.  (yeah…. about that….)  Overall, spending quality time with family and friends is and always will be her favorite pastime. 

You get the real deal with Kara.  Come check her out for yourself.  You’ll be glad you did.