Get to know Adam

Sharing the joy of our personal trainers, in a personal way.  Staff members were given some questions to answer so that you can get to know them a little better.  Taking those answers and presenting them to you in a way that might make you smile or feel a twinge in your abs from those crunches this morning.  Enjoy!

Adam Shadwick

Personal Trainer

Meet Adam, a trainer who may not yet have any gray hair, but is wise beyond his years.   He lives out his personal training career in his own life and loves encouraging others to do the same.  Inside and out.  He became a trainer because he “wanted to help people achieve their goals and live a better life.  There’s no better feeling than helping someone empower themselves by moving in a stronger, more efficient manner.”  Aww shucks, Adam… thanks!  Who knew Adam would be into meditation too?  While some folks (like me) might still be learning how to use a podcast, Adam is listening to ones for meditation.  “Life can get stressful at times so there’s nothing better than putting on some headphones in the evening and becoming more self-aware.”  Um, yeah.  That’s what I always do – NOT.  Good for you, Adam!  But it’s not all serious stuff – he’s also a comedic book junkie, whose favorite authors are Dave Barry and Carl Hiaasen.  Wise AND witty.  What more could you want? 

Adam has a hidden talent.  He’s a natural in the kitchen!  Whenever you need a new, creative, healthy recipe that tastes good, Adam is your go-to man.  His favorite healthy, quick snack is an avocado.  And while Adam is a carnivore by default, he doesn’t discriminate.  He’ll eat vegetarian or vegan too, especially his favorite black bean burger or beet burger found at the Twenty Tap pub.  (wait, what?  A beet burger? Ok…  trainers eat the strangest things…)  Belly up to the bar with this dude and buy him anything but tequila.  And if you want him to go easy on you at your next workout, buy him a craft beer from Bier Brewery and he’ll tell you all about the trip to Europe that’s on his bucket list. 

You and your friends will love this guy!  Be your best self with Adam.