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Med Ball throws with friends.

Med Ball throws with friends.

Remember playing tag as kids?  How about Red Rover?   Simon Says, Kick the Can, Hide and Seek?   All of these games have something in common – they are games that you cannot play alone.  And why did we play them?  Because it was fun to play and be with our friends, of course!  Finding and creating reasons to be with our friends came as second nature.  I bet you didn’t even think of something else that those games have in common.  Running.  They all require you to run at some point.  But you see, we don’t even remember that.  We remember the laughter, the interaction, the fun. 


That’s what Team Training is like here at FBD.  It’s adult play time!  It’s meaningful to feel part of a team and to have a partner in crime.  It’s comradery when you need you need it most.  It’s an automatic support system.  It’s a social connection.  It’s accountability.  It’s fun!  (Yes, I really did just say that exercise is fun.).


There has been a study done by the Journal of The American Osteopathic Association that the need for exercising in groups (versus exercising alone) has real benefits as it relates to our general well-being and stress reduction.   The study evaluated 69 medical students—a group known for high levels of stress and self-reported low quality of life.  They participated in a group training with core strengthening and functional fitness at least once a week.  (Yeah, that’s the stuff we do at FBD.) More info about the study can be found here, but the results indicated that at the end of the twelve weeks, the participants showed significant improvements in 3 measure of quality of life:

·      mental 12.6%

·      physical 24.8%

·      emotional 26%

They also reported a 26.2% reduction in perceived stress levels.

 But you see, this is not surprising to us at FBD.  We kinda knew that stuff already.  Just sayin’. That’s why when you go into the large workout room, you see “Fun Work.  Hard Play.”  It’s what we do.  Your team training first includes you and your trainer – and the fun multiplies when you play with a friend.  So bring one along!

You’re never too old to play.  We are happy to design your workout with play in mind.

Real.  Positive.  Change.  - Judi