2019 Intentions

The chalkboard content will be changing, but the message will last.  Check it out!

 Honestly, this chalk board design has been my favorite so far.  Your input and contribution to its content is what makes it meaningful.  Thank you for participating!  Look at it again.  It’s now in a digital photo format, so it will long live in the world wide web.  Is your Intention posted or does something posted ring true to you?  January is coming to a close but your intentions don’t have to!

Do you notice how simple some of these things are?  This is wonderful and oh so challenging at the same time.  Simple things can make a difference.  “Show up generous” and “Give to others” can mean so many things to different people on any given day.  If we all showed up with that intention in our hearts, wow – look at the impact that would leave on those in our path. 

 But the simple things can also be the hardest.  “A dry January” was quickly modified to “A mostly dry January”.   Another intention was to see friends 2x/week…  that’s even a FUN intention and someone had to write that down and make “socializing” a personal goal?  We all can get caught up in the routine of life and forget what’s important as we’re cranking through our task lists, jobs, day, or even workout.  When if all we bring is a change of heart, life can be more full.  (And you could bring yourself to get a better workout in too, just sayin’.)

Let’s be clear, there is no room for judgement when it comes to how someone wants to be a stronger person.  None of us have it figured out – despite what Facebook and Instagram like to indicate.  The more we realize that we are all better people if we invest in each other, the happier we can all be.  Happier, healthier, stronger, more confident, able to see the world through different lenses, with a little more respect… Add to that a little more sleep, a phone call to mom, and a mostly dry January, and before you know it, 2019 is off to a great start!  No matter the weather.   

Real.Positive. Change.- Judi